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Wajood debut with a solid record
Tough times come and go. Calamities of all kinds hit Pakistan and satiate their desires. Economy often stagnates and so does prosperity. However, one aspect in which the country continues to work is on the music front. It can also be attributed to the media boom due to which grabbing audiences’ attention is not such a big deal. Also, videos can be thrown into the market without even a proper album release. Internationally, the rule is to sign up with a record label and then only a band/artiste is able to release a video. And so four-member band Wajood stuck to the international norm when they signed up with The Musik Records and launched their first video entitled 'Aisi Lagee’ which was very well received. 

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Wajood’s a promising four member band featuring Waqas Kureishi aka Vicky on vocals, Waqar Athar aka Jimmy on bass guitars, Faraz Athar aka Sunny on lead guitars and the drummer, Ahmed. And they have a simple philosophy for success: work hard, have faith and eventually you’ll reach your goal. The band is based on a learning methodology, and is working under the umbrella of Middlesex College, London, and had earned a devoted fan base right after recording a couple of their own songs. Their unique perspective has helped make them awesomely talented individuals, but their ultimate aspiration has always been clear - having people recognize that their talent goes beyond harmonies. With a newly released debut album, entitled Wajood Hai Mera, they’re set to achieve their goal.

Speaking of the album itself, it features 10 catchy and rhythmic melodies. The band’s sound is an eclectic, ambitious mix of intricate harmonies, symphonic strings, spicy grooves, pop melodies and hip-hop-inflected rhythms. But it’s the rock touch that grabs one’s attention. Wajood Hai Mera, kick starts with jazzy guitar riffs of 'Gar Bhuloon Tujhe’. From the first verse, one is hooked to Waqas’s charming voice which blends impeccably with the bluesy feel of the track. The guitar work is phenomenal throughout. The poetry defines how important it is to have that special loved one in one’s heart and mind to carry out major daily activities. Lines such "Gar Bhuloon Tujhe, Hasrat Meri Barh Jaye, Dharkan Bhi Tham Si Jaye, Dhoonde Tujhe Har Sun, Nazaron Ko Na Koi Bhaye" clearly portray how vital the vocalist’s lover is for his frame of mind. I unquestionably rate this as a tune! Rocking way to start the album!

The title track only raises the bar higher. It’s an immaculate piece of high quality rock embellished with sky-scrapping guitar waves making it irresistibly appealing. The lyrics are meaningful and one can feel that it’s all about someone’s existence in this world. The song is based on an individual’s story who has wasted a lot of time, hasn’t met his goals, who had many dreams but never tried his best to achieve them. As Waqas rightly sings, "Sab yeh raste aaj bhi mujhper haste, kehte hain tu hai kahan? Khoya tune kia paya, dunya mein tu kyun ayaa, basaya kaisa jahan"? The track is a message to the youth who waste their time in frivolity to realize the worth of it and the meaning of life. Sure winner, this one!

As the saying goes, when ignorance is bliss, its folly to be wise, and I was definitely an ignorant person to date, for I considered 'Aise Lagee’ the best from the house of Wajood. It was only because I had not listened to what Wajood had to offer more. However, the track still remains my favourite on the record. It is a happy-go-lucky track song that has a very lively feel and a perfect romantic effect. The best way to describe this is as a slick tune with music to match. The pace of this one is much slower than anything we’ve heard in the album so far. The video of the track is directed by lyricist/manager Jaydee. Its concept is really madcap fun where the hero calls the Love Guru to help him with his singing concern and the Love Guru arranges a band for him. The hero, famous actor, Faisal Qureshi now has to lip-sync and has to perform his best to impress the heroin, Sofia. However, when the heroine confronts him, he feels hypnotized and quit singing. The girl observes this cheat game and throws the flower on the ground and walks away. But thankfully, courtesy the tactics of Love Guru, the couple makes up at the climax.

'Tamana Meri’ is a soft rock number with a likeable beat. But the track is more memorable for its lyrics. Lyricist Jaydee informed me that it was written in mere 8 minutes. Hard to believe, but it proves the notion that creation of artistic pieces don’t depend on time; they just happen!

The mood mellows down on 'Meri Duniya’, a melodious pop-rock ditty where Waqas gets ample room to showcase his vocal range. Almost anti-desi, more great imagery and poetry in the chorus alongside the jazzy grooves mean you get grinding to this one. I believe this song is best suited for a sound track of a movie.

Wajood’s devotion for the eradication of social evil is eminent in 'Haara’. This song is inspired by the legendary poems, Allama Iqbal’s Shikwa and Jawab e Shikwa. The lyricist has defined the situation of someone who is losing every time. It’s just not the situation that is failing him rather it’s his own ego and greed. The band plans to shoot a video of this song based on drug addiction. This is one rare track where Waqas’s vocal delivery seems average as compared to the other tracks.

Another message-oriented is the hardcore rock ditty, 'Jo Mai Atka’ which is all about teen infatuation and its after effects of it. Teenagers often end up borrowing money from friends, losing good friends and wasting precious time. This song would make you understand how the lyricist has pictured the phases in song including the flashbacks. He sings, "Pooche mera mann mene kia kia, waqt aur paisa mene bardbaad kia, kitno se mene udhaar lia, zindagi ko mene bekaar kia, jo me atka kia ho gaya, teri yaadein teri baatein deewaana hogaya".

For a band comprising of youngsters, these are harsh realities but the way they have taken upon themselves in propagating the ill-effects of the same is simply a commendable job. Bravo, boys!

The album draws to a close with two variants of 'Gaye Ho Tum’ namely rock and acoustic. I prefer the latter one. Acoustic precision along with awesome lyrics, it is all about lost love and the post affects. Interestingly, it is a true life story of lyricist is Jawad aka Jaydee. The more you listen to this one, the more it grows on you. Definitely thumbs up.

With Wajood Hai Mera, Wajood the band has definitely depicted their origin of serious and professional music the chemistry between the members is exceptional throughout the course of the album. I was especially impressed with the vocal talent of Waqas. The chap has the flair of making it to the top. Guitar work is terrific while drumming, if live, should also be applauded. Production is also crisp. However, the album may also well be remembered for its memorable lyrics. Interestingly, Wajood has been signed by 99musique (an Indian record label) and the album is expected to be released in India later this year. Here is hoping that Wajood manage to survive here and across the border.

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