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Sohail Sameer

Sohail Sameer, an Aquarian, is casually clad in jeans and kurta as he welcomes us into a studio, accompanied by a writer and director, with whom he is currently working. In the room, he starts talking about the different things happening with him these days and the cross border film industry.

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He is presently working in a play penned and directed by Amin Tariq. Apart from this he is doing Taqdeer, Kahin Tum Kahin Hum, Wo Rishtay Wo Natay and also hosting a musical programme Khilari Sur Taal Kay.

Sohail Sameer, who believes in fate much more than anything else, was born in Lahore in a family that by chance he was not brought up in. His uncle adopted him in his childhood when his father left for Germany.

He says, “My uncle proved to be both a mother and a father for me.” After graduating from AIOU, he got admission for MBA but it was not in his fate and he did not complete the last three semesters. He got a job as a manager in Sozo World and after that he opened an outlet and then decided to earn from this profession. “I used to see people, on electronic media, who fascinated me but I never thought to be into it.”

“One day, Khawar Riaz visited my outlet and when he saw me with his astute eye for talent, he told me that I had the potential to be a model and offered me to work with him. But I thought he was only joking with me and wasn’t serious,” He added.

Who could have imagined that Khawar Riaz had foreseen a model of future in him? This incident brought a big change in his life. Then after a few days, he visited Sohail again and asked him to do a fashion shoot and insisted.

“When he kept on persisting, I accepted the offer and I found it a really hard task to face the camera for the first time in my life, but he helped a lot and I managed to complete the shoot,.” He added. Then he was called by Khawar Riaz again and this time, luckily, he was going to do the shoot with Gia Ali, a well known and eminent star of Lollywood. Sohail Sameer says, “This was an opportunity which I never thought about before and it was a beyond belief for me.” He was on the cover page of Women Zone along with Gia Ali.

Sharing his feelings on that occasion with us he says, “When I saw myself, I could not believe that it was me and people around me started admiring me but I thought that they are just talking and nothing else.” This was a milestone for Sohail’s career and then he played a part in different campaigns for different products like Versace, a well known brand, Fair and Lovely and Bio Amla. He also worked in Lipton and Nestle ads and he has done 30 commercials so far and he said it was a great achievement for him.

He stepped into the field of acting and started his career as an actor from a telefilm named Thori Si Jagah Chahiye, in which he was given a role of a eunuch. “It was really a wonderful experience because it was a unique kind of play in which a eunuch was featured,” he says.

Then he was offered a role in PTV play i.e. Dark Babu in which he got the chance to work with the eminent actress of PTV Uzma Gillani, and Sohail says, “It was the happiest moment for me in my life that I was working with such a great actress.” He was very much inspired by the acting of Noman Ejaz and the expressions of Tauqeer Nasir. He also worked in a play on aired in ARY named Lamhay directed by Shahid Zahoor.

Thus Sohail Sameer first became a model then actor and nowadays he is working as a compeer in a musical programme being broadcast on ATV. When asked about this experience, he says frankly, “Well I was forced to do compeering; otherwise I confess that I do not think I am that good at this job. But in the programme my co-host is doing a wonderful job and she, Sarah Chaudhary, is just like my sister.”

He got married a few years ago and it was a love marriage. He has 2 daughters and a son and he is leading a happy life. He confidentially told us that he did not want to show his wife on any media even though she had been working in this field. Talking about his first crush in childhood, he laughed and said, “In my childhood, I used to desire to get married with a gori, a western girl.” Telling about his first crush, he adds, “In 6th class I got involved with a girl named Shamma and I don’t know when it got blown off and after that I did not get a chance to see her again.”

(Sohail didnt mention of his second marriage with actress/model/anchor Sophia Ahmad whom he married last year..check out their pic in the pics section below)

“To become a model, one must have a photogenic face and maintain a good body but it is the director’s eye which sees this quality in you,” he told us. Talking about this field, he says, “Our modeling industry is not in a good position and not flourishing well because the people working here belong to mediocre families and this class usually doesn’t let their children join such professions. And the Government is also not supportive in this regard. But when we look across the border, we can see how this is a prosperous field and the government also plays its part in encouraging it.”

When we asked him if any of his children also wanted to enter this profession, would he allow them? He replied, “I will never allow them to come into this profession because I also don’t consider it as a profession. You can’t sustain yourself in this field for long, so along with this job you have to find some extra work in order to lead a better life. I am also planning to do something.”

Sharing his childhood experiences with us, he mentioned with nostalgia, “I got a scar on my chin during a quarrel with my neighbor whom I used to fear, but after that day I got over my fear and he started to respect me.” Talking about the saddest moment of his life, he told us, “That was when my father returned back from Germany after about 10-12 years, because he left me on at an age when a child needs a father’s care more than anything else and that was a very sad moment for me.”

Talking about how he gave time to his family though he has such a hectic routine, he answered, “Whenever I get any free time I prefer to spend it with my wife and children and sometimes I like to go out with my friends and play snooker. I love activities like swimming.”

Telling about his aim in life, he said, “Life is not a bed of roses and we have been sent here for others not ourselves. We have to pay particular attention to that aim —- why we are here and why we have been created? If we want to lead a peaceful life, then we have to keep ourselves on a straight track. To interfere in other’s business disturbs all things. I also try to offer my all prayers, which keeps me on track.”

During his spare time likes to listen to Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Menu Socha Diya Day Gya Soghatan is his one of the favorite songs and Tera Tay Mera by Sheraz Upal is also among his favorites.

When we asked who is Sohail Sameer, “Allah Ka Banda” came the prompt reply....

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