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Shagufta Ejaz

Shagufta Ejaz never planned to be an actress it just happened due to fate. She went to PTV studio to introduce some friends and Kazim Pasha offered her the main role in his popular serial Jangloos. The role turned her into a household name in Pakistan and from there she never looked back again. Besides acting, she has her own salon in Karachi.

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Birthday: May 5, 1971
Birthplace: Gujrat
How did you start your career?

I went to PTV studio to introduce some friends and the director, Mr. Kazim
Pasha, offered me a main role for a popular serial of that time called Jangloos.
Debut Play: Aanch
Your best work: Aanch

Favorite Co-Star: Late Shafi Mohammad, Mahmood Aslam, Nauman Ejaz, and Shabbir Jan
Favorite Actor: Nadeem and Late Shafi Mohammad
Favorite Actress: Uzma Gilani the great
Favorite Movie: Ghost and Khuda K Liye
Favorite TV Show: Hasb E Haal on Dunya TV
Favorite Singer: Hamid Ali Bela
Favorite Song: Niyuu N Laaya Bay Parwaah Day Naal by Hamid Ali Bela

Favorite Food: Daal Chawal, Teriyaki with garlic rice mushroom, and I love Salateen’s Karahi
Favorite Holiday Location: Sri Lanka and Glasgow
Your Hobbies: Singing, Yoga, and cooking for children
What makes you happiest: My children, when they organize their time nicely and make most out of it. I feel happy with my friends and family.
What you hate most: Missing commitments and lies.
Your thoughts on Love: Love is very essential for a happy life.

Your strength: I don’t think that one can imagine to be happy without love and to keep enthusiasm alive.

Your weakness: My connection with Allah S.W , my family and food followed by variety of desserts.
If you were not in Showbiz, What would you be?

I really don’t know, maybe just a housewife or fashion designer.
Current Projects: I am currently involved in three different projects one is on air Jeena Toh Yahi Hai, have done a telefilm for TV1 which will be aired on the 15th of January at 8pm and serial for ATV called Parchayan which will be on air from 25th of January. Also, I’m starting another serial for ATV from the end of the month.

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