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Seemi Pasha

Seemi Pasha's entrance in the showbiz field was just by a chance. A lady of high aims who wanted to be a pilot. has graced the covers of more glossies than you could count and gaze at with admiration.

A lady of many moods, and even more dresses ranging from the western to the plain eastern. Seemi is impulsive and bent on doing her 'own thing'.

Family background?
None from the family belongs to the showbiz.

How did it happen?

It all just happened by chance.

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Any source of inspiration?
As it all was accidental, I'm not inspired by anyone.

Is it your Hobby or Profession?


Do you enjoy your field?

A lot. Very much.

Are you satisfied with your work?

Whatever I have done in modeling I'm satisfied with it. As far as acting is concern something great has still to come.

Director and producer with whom you like to work?

Sahira Kazmi, Sultana Siddiqui and Ghazanfar Ali.

Writer whose script you like most?
Ashfaq Ahmed.

Choreographer with whom you like to work?
Hasan Sheheryar and Imran Qureshi.

Designer whose outfits you like most?

Rizwan Baig, Body Focus and Maheen.

Countries visited / performed?
Singapore, Dubai and almost all over Pakistan.

Your own favorite performances

Mystery Theatre and Chalte Chalte.

Plays done by you?

Mr. DJ, Doosra Asman, Bisat, Tum Se Kehna Tha.

How many fashion shows have been done by you?

More than 100

Any awards?

I've recently got the Pioneer in Modeling award by Karavan Fashion Committee.

What do you do other than this?

I'm a housewife.

If you weren't the artist, what would you have been?

I would have been a Pilot.

What are your aims and dreams for future?
I'm planning to move to direction field. These days I'm also coordinating and choreographing for fashion shows.

Like other showbiz people, does your family life is also affected?

No. I'm very much systematic.

Did you perform in any Pakistani movie? If not, why?

No. They're not upto my standard.

What's your success secret?

I keep myself updated.

What do you do in your leisure time?

Watch movies and go for long drive with my family.

Your favorite national/international actors.

Robbert Redford, Clint Eastwood, Antonio Bandres, Julia Roberts.

Was your marriage love or arranged?

Love Marriage.

Describe yourself / Your Nature?

Honest, loving and caring.

Something you can share or you would like to share about your family and family life?

I'm a mother of two sons, Mustafa and Ali Raza.

Would you like anyone from your family to join the showbiz?

My younger son will soon be in modeling.

Your favorites: (Dish, Color, Clothes etc.)?

Steak and Rice. I like brown color. I like to wera saree as a formal wear and Shalwar Kameez as casual.

What would you say to newcomers who want to enter the field?

Interest. Build interest in your work, specially if you want to be a successful model. Devote yourself to your work.

What is your zodiac sign?

Leo. 11th August.

What's new your TV fans can watch.

Laila Majnu on Indus Vision.

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