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Savera Nadeem
Savera Nadeem is a rare combination of sobriety and glamour. From performing a role of a bold girl in Inkaar to de-glamoursied roles in true stories on the October 8 earthquake tragedy, Savera seems the perfect choice.

Savera bagged a PTV award for her groundbreaking performance in drama serial Inkaar. In the past, this award had been associated with big names like Khalida Riyasat, Uzma Gillani and Roohi Bano. Savera started her acting career at quite a young age of 15 from theatre. Her first drama was Kiran which was telecast in 1994-95, and her acting prowess attracted both viewers and producers. No doubt, her looks and style, especially in this drama, were really good. Once stepping into the showbiz world. Savera won the hearts of many by her spontaneous performance.

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Why did you want to become an actress?
Both of my parents are creative. So creativity is in my genes.

What sort of characters appeal to you most?

Honest and brave.

How do you get into the character?
I try to be inspired by the character. I observe people and their attitudes. I think that in our daily life we come across thousands of characters and stories. All one needs is good observation to become a good actor.

Is acting an inborn talent or anyone can learn it?
All of us can act. But when it comes to outshining others in acting, certain things give you an edge like confidence and a good voice.

Recently you acted in a play based on the October 8 earthquake tragedy. How did you feel about that?
It was scary. It subjected me to the extreme pain and anguish of those who underwent that horrible experience. It was really tragic. I think it was a colossal tragedy.

What do you think about the quality of TV dramas going on air these days?
I am a sincere person and am committed to my profession. So when I see people who are not devoted enough, I feel hurt and this is also the basic reason for quality deterioration. People don’t want to go beyond certain limits when it comes to exploring new avenues and ways of interpreting things.

What was your experience as a director and producer?
Well, tough is perhaps not the correct word for it. In Kal, it was sort of juggling with acting, production, direction and management. At times, the script needed a change inviting my immediate attention. I don’t remember having a good sleep in those 10 or 15 days of shooting.

Life to you means…?
Learning from your past mistakes.

Your phobia?

What are the qualities you would like to have in your life partner?
He should be honest and strong. Moreover, he should have a good sense of humour.

What are your strong and weak points?
I trust easily and sometimes I have to suffer big losses due to this habit. I am an honest person.

Do you enjoy social gatherings?
I like to spend time with persons of my liking. I also like to spend time with myself.

In spite of having a good height you didn’t go for acting in films? Any specific reason?
No good offer came my way. That is the only reason for not doing modelling and films as well.

Which has been the most satisfying role of your career?
The role I played in drama serial Inkaar.

Do you feel related to this character?
No, it was quite contrary to my nature.

What are your projects in the pipeline?
I am busy in Karachi centres. I am doing soaps. I am also producing drama series under my own production house.

One thing you’d like to change about yourself?
Habit of putting things off until the last minute.

Are you a fashion freak?
To some extent.

Your favourite perfume?

Your favourite singers?
Sting, Hemant Kumar.

If given a chance, what would you like to be reborn as?
A fantastic dancer.

A thing you love and hate both?

Your only wish?
To explore all my potential and to never hurt anyone.

Fame to you means...?
Have today, gone tomorrow.

The real you is?
The one I show the world, no difference.
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