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Sadia Imam

The dusky gal from Rawalpindi, Sadia Imam, is the pick of all Drama Producers. She is the most sought after and the most frequently found face in every other Drama Serial.

She has the talent and the looks to go with it. With a perfect round face and delicately balanced features she is the right choice. She is one of the most attractive female artists found in our industry.

She has not only played varius roles in Drama Serials and Long Plays but has also participated as a model in commercials, cat walks and musicals.

On TV Sadia Imam looks like a gorgeous young woman – a gorgeous intelligent young woman who seems to know the tricks of the trade and knows she’s got what it takes to be on top.

But when at ease, she’s a child. Everything she does is innocently childlike; the way she speaks, rolls her round black eyes in exasperation, miles her toothy shy smile, puts up her thick black hair in nest like knot. There’s no other way to describe her.

Sadia’s association with the media has been a long journey. She started doing radio shows from Islamabad (her hometown) when she was in sixth grade.

When her sister, Aliya Imam, started doing TV plays, that’s when Sadia was discovered. And surprisingly enough the one to spot her was a Karachiite, the famous image-maker, Nabila. And one fine day Nabila called, and the official tele-operator of the family, as she’s the youngest, Sadia answered the phone.

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“I had no idea who she was, and when she told me, I couldn’t believe it,” recalls Sadia, replicating the same excitement in her voice and face.

In the tenth grade at the time, Sadia did her first ever shoot with Nabila and Tapu Javeri. And after one and a half years Sadia got her first break, a commercial for a tea brand that led her to the city of lights, Karachi.

“I came for three days but I ended up staying for five years”, says Sadia. Now she is more attached to the city then ever. “That’s because most of my family is here”, she says and judging from the strong bond with her sister and regular calls on the cell phone from home. She seems to be a secure family person.

“My father is very liberal with all of us. He used to say that girls are like springs; the more you try to squeeze them the harder they’ll recoil. Thus this attitude towards us has always been lenient and we know our limits”.

Following her heart, Sadia recognized her own aptitude and kept on working. President of the Dramatic and Poet Society in College, she always had an interest in acting.

Her first interaction with TV was through Zaheer Khan. She did Uljhan with producer Kazim Pasha for Karachi TV, and was encouraged by many to keep appearing on the screen.

“I never thought I was pretty enough to come on TV but Nabila gave me the confidence to do so.”

But one would not be able to tell that even now, before a shoot, she gets nervous for a split second and prays to God to make everything to smoothly. However in front of the camera, everything is a breeze for Sadia. She has worked with all the gurus on the media scene and has seen all types of directors.

“I found it a little difficult to work with Anwar Maqsood, because he expects a lot from the artist. The grammar and the pronunciation has to be perfect and you just cannot manipulate the dialogue to your liking because it seems perfect,” says a starry-eyed Sadia remembering the time when she did the play Colony 52. “It was probably the best serial of my life.”

That doesn’t come as a surprise because Sadia got plenty of accolade for the role where she portrayed a simple yet brazenly strong woman, engulfed with decision that involved he family and her true love and the sacrifices she makes in the process.

“The most fun I have is when I get a really good line to say. It brings out expressions that breathe life into the scene and that of course is good acting.” Apart from acting and a myriad of other activities, Sadia has a solid interest in music and dance.

“Hai kash mein gaa sakti”, sighs Sadia in classic ‘Zeba’ style, wondering why she is so out of tune. She may not be able to sing but she can certainly move. Those who witnessed a recently held Eid how by BNM got a pleasant shock when they saw her perform on stage, dancing to the beat of a classic Noor Jehan song, choreographed by Papu Samrat.

“I did it because of its novelty and also because no other TV actress had ever done it before. It was great,” says Sadia exuding excitement.

Her first love will always be TV. “I’ve tried everything, radio, compering, coordinating shoots, designing clothes, but nothing is better than TV.” Her progression as an artist does not come to a halt with acting.

She has ventured into the realm of ‘behind the camera’ with a long play she wrote herself called, Khiza ko bahaar kaisay karon that went on air two years back. Sadia also disclosed a little bad habit of hers.

“I hate anything that has to do with physically writing things, like taking notes etc. that’s why I always got into trouble at school for not doing my homework. But writing a play is something different, it’s not a task, it’s an expression of your ideas.

Since then she has been experimenting and has recently stepped into the director’s boots as well. Her latest project is called Tapish produced by herself and Azhar Abbas, and planned to go on air in April.

Also on the platter is another serial called Kachi neend kay khwab written by Zubair Abbasi but named by her. She will be producing and Directing it as well. At the moment life couldn’t be better for her.

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