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Noor Hassan

Noor Hassan is one of the best anchor persons to hit television screens in recent times.One thing can be said easily about him...He came,he did and he conquered!!!Noor says about himself :"I wOn'T lEt U lOve mE....CaUtiOn: iF u gOtta knOw mE...U gOtta bE Me!! bE cAreFul!!tHis iS hOw I aM..tAkE IT!!!!or LEAVE IT!!!!!

- skip ad - brings you this week Exclusive interview of Noor Hassan from London for his fans all over!

Noor When were u born n ur star?
16th May, Taurus

When did you start ur career?
5 years back with Fm 101. I got to learn a lot from there.than STN AND ATV gave my career a real boost!also doing modelling now adays.

How you came in this field?
Well thats an intresting story. Theres this very good friend of mine who asked me to accompany her to her audtion at FM101. Well so I did. When i went there, they actually asked me for the audition. I just got intrigued by the whole idea. I just got selected n so it got started without looking back hahaha....

Who is your inspiration in this field?
Honestly! My goals are my inspiration. By the way lemme tell u im a very keen learner, so my each step is heading towards my goals :)

As a host which show u love to do?
I think no show is really near to my heart. I want to do something different from what I'm doing. yeah I love to work with BIG BRANDS, which im doing a lot :)

Your favorite tv channels?
Noor Hassan is one of the best anchor persons to hit television screens in recent times.One thing can be
Indus Music, B4U, Zee English and many others........

Your favourite celebrities ?
Anyone from whom i get to learn becomes my favorite. i know u must be thinking what a diplomat!!! hahaha...

R u a planner person in real life?
I love things to be arranged, so yeah right I plan, that is something else that Im lethargic enough to implement

Ur best tv show till yet?
live call in songs show from ATV.

Do u believe in love?
yes for sure but Amma wont allow me to hahaha....
seriously I thing Life is Love n Love is Life, that is too deep to understand!!

Define a good friend?
With whom I can be me!!

Which sites u surf a lot?
showbizhungama hahaha.......;)

Your favourite anchors?
Sadaf Khan and Anoushay!!

Ur all time favorite song?
Yar ajkal tau its Turn me on. Well thats a song by kevin lyttle not my emotions haha....

Qualities of a good anchor person?
A good person can be a good host bcz u cant be fake for a long time. someday or the otha u need to be real n to be real U need to be a GOOD person.
Plus ur confidence, vision and so many otha things count!!

Ur best friend?
My mother, elder brother, Obaid, sadaf khan, Jawad, Usman and many others!!!
bcz I hardly make friends who r "just" friends, im more into intimate friends.

Three things u never forget to take with u while going out?
My Mobile ( which connects me to this world :) )
My Watch ( which organizes me..}
My Silly Smile ( hehehe no comments on this one hehehe)

Ur passions in life?
To be the best one out there!!

Food u like?
FaSt FoOd all time, PaKistani, chiNese, PiZzaaAAaa....

Ur all time fav movie?|
"Life or something like it"

Which one personality u cant live without?
My Mother

Define ur self in THREE words
Friendly, enthusiastic and Compassionate.

Give ur one best and one worst habit
Keen learning is the best habbit i got n my key to success!!
gets late most of the time!! more than wost haha..

Any message for ur fans?
be my fanz hahaha.....

Whats ur opinion about
coooooooooooool site
keep it up guyzz!!!!

Ur fav sports :
sportless guy:)

Ur fav music?
BiTteN bY tHiS MusIc bUg LoNg TimE BaCk...
A.R.RahMan, NiTin sAwHneY,aKoN, daNiel BedingFeild, eNrIquE, cAsSie, KeaNe, WestLiFe, LiNcin pArk, BSB, RDB, SpiCe GiRls, BeYonce, PiNk flOyed, JeFf beck, DIdo, EnigmA, J.LopeZ, vengaboys, sHania tWain, Sting, strings, Ali ZaFar, Atif Aslam, Jal, budDha bAr, Shanker-Ahsan-Loy.. e.t.c

Fav tv shows?
CaN't gEt enUff tIme To waTch TV.
yet F.r.i.E.n.d.s & caRtoons aRe of gReaT IntErest..
oTheR tHaN TV. Mann!! I hAvE a ThINg FoR The ThEAtrE, lOvE It, JusT hAvE sEEn "THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO", lIkeD iT!!!!

Movies u like?
An eNdlEss LisT....CoUld RecAll oNlY thEsE fEw.. Casino Royale, anGeR ManAgemeNt, j-Lo's All fLicKs, NiCk of tHe tiMe, bEnd iT LikE BeKhAm, TitanIc, AmeRican BeAuty, ThE weDding plaNner, RunAway brIde, You`Ve Got MaIL, AmerIcan DeSi, LiFe oR soMething likE iT, City of Angels, GlaDiator, The RoCk, The VolCano, The village, PaRineEta, KaL Ho NaA Ho, SpeEd, FaSt & tHe fUrious..

I wanna tell u people that i m also working right now in a telefilm for geo..titled.."teray Guman main" dont miss that too !!!!

Fav book?
cheque book

Passion in life?
to be what i want to be !

Love for u is?
something which cannot be cured by herbs.

Your most prized possession?
|My family

What is the best place to be?
home sweet home.

Ur idea of a perfect date?
excellent nite, excellent stars, excellent venue, excellent companionship, excellent music, excellent aroma, excellent food,
excellent "ME" n excellent "SHE"..

Five things u cant live without?
1. mY fAmily,
2. My fRnds,
3. mY cAr,
4. my laptop n mobile,
5. MP3 player

What turns u on?
body piercing(s), candlelight, dancing, intelligence, long hair, tattoos, wealth

What do u say about ur looks?
mirror-cracking material

What turns u off?
can be any any thing.

First thing somebody notices in u?
my arrogance

What brings you to london?
my destiny...a few courses i wanted to do always which was just possible from here. i mean here, they r doing better.besides i m also doing masters in marketing.

Who is the best looking woman on earth?
hmmmm...endless list dr sb...i believe though that beauty lies within..

Ur biggest fan?

Last music cf u bought?
download songs from internet for free lolz.. which is very bad. u guys should always buy the orignal!!

If your life philosophy could be summed up in a bumper sticker,what would it say?
lifes a shit sandwich, u make it n u eat it!!

Best gift u ever received?
seeing my pics on showbiz hungama:)

What keeps u sailing in a crisis?
o im a strong person so keep on going anyways.... ALLAH MIAN does wonders to me though

Describe ur ideal girl in three words?
larki,larki aur bas larki:)

How many girlfriends u have?

Ur fav smell?
Tommy's Freedom.

When are you getting married?
i wish i cud go for common law!! planning at the moment. have better things to do..

Whats ur fav casual dress?
Casual does for me.

You were the first star celebrity to be interviewed two yrs back when showbizhungama was launched,how u feel about this and give us ur comments on the site?
well it was great pleasure. it was a slightly new idea at that time to promote pakistani showbiz fraternity through website without any exploitation. so now its been two whole years of this site n it surely has grown up with the time. . . Best of luck to the organizer..

Islamabad or london?
islamabad for sure!

Priyanka chopra or kareena kapoor?

Atif or ali zafar?
ali zafar

Iman or vaneeza?

Shan or moammar rana?

Ptv or star plus?
haha...i guess ptv.

Kishore or rafi?

Lata jee or asha jee?

Reema or resham>?
both not...

Noor as model or noor as anchor>?
see noor as a model but love anchoring!

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Any Special Message for ur fans all over:
SIMPLE PLEASURE IN LIFE IS A GIFT! get it..and i miss you all in pakistan...

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