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Mishi Khan

Gentlemen prefer blondes. They always do. It's tried and tested. Studies suggest that blondes have more fun and have more spunk. It's tried and tested. And Mishi is blonde. Not your platinum or peroxide blonde, but an original one. She's fair and is fair by all means. And that is too tried and tested.

You were one of the most regular faces on the tube. Now it's been two years that we haven't seen you on screen… Have you left showbiz?
Yes, for the time being I have. I wanted to give myself a break and didn't want audience to get tired of me appearing on the tube religiously. So I joined an airline as a crewmember.

But why an airline?
Because it is a great platform to travel, to meet new people and discover new places, cultures. It was my good luck that I got out of the system, though I do miss it. My people, my family. But you can't have everything; you have to sacrifice something to get something. Traveling made a great difference in my personality, in my outlook and above all in my whole perspective of life. As far as acting is concerned the talent is always there so I can explore it later.

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How was your experience of working for the local showbiz… Was it good, bad or indifferent?
Till the time I did, it was always fun and I always enjoyed being a part of it. It had lots of fun, with lots of ups and downs… All the reviews I got for my work were absolutely great.

There is this general impression that showbiz is a bad place to work in, especially for the fairer sex. Is it really a bad place to be in?
No, it is not. It is a very creative field and it explores your talent and I guess it is a lovely place to be in. I would suggest all young people if they have time, if they have completed studies and are thinking of getting into this field then they must.

There was a time when PTV dramas used to be so popular and were immensely liked by the viewers but now its nothing like that. Has the magic gone?
It is because private production is flourishing now and lots of people with no direction sense, no aesthetic sense, and no education are getting into production. The standard of the plays have gone down because now there is no much of glamour in plays.. Plays are always based on reality while films are based on glamour… They have actually crossed the line and have mixed movies with television. They are trying to make plays very glamorous with no content and no great script, there are no lines for actors to play up with… same actors who got rave reviews for their past plays are doing crap stuff. I always preferred working for PTV because we used to learn a lot… There used to be proper timings, there used to be lots of interaction between the actor director and for that matter between the characters. Today, you just come, say your lines and you leave… Then it's someone else's turn… So it's become more like a sabzi mandi.

What is the secret of success in this field?
Whenever you start something your NIYAT has to be clean… you start with a good team, do your bits with lots of effort and in the end you reap what you saw… Why not be a perfectionist and come up with flawless ventures.. Most of the time we are sitting and cribbing about the lack of facilities and lack of money.. But how come you are going abroad with a huge team, how come you are complaining for money? So actually brainless creatures have entered into this field and are turning the whole thing. There was a time when people used to watch PTV plays with a great interest but now they don't… Indian channels have been banned and you are just left with PTVs, ARY or Indus Vision… Today if you lift the ban on the Indian channels people will switch over to that and will ignore local channels as if they don't exist.

Who is responsible for this downfall?
Directors! Because an actor is always a director's actor… Now actors tell directors about the angels coz they are not capable enough to do their jobs. I used to have my say but in a few things only… Like we used to learn line beforehand but now they learn it there and then. I used to have butterflies in my stomach before every shot… Even on my 20th serial I had the same problem…

You are labeled as the most controversial actress of television. What made you one?
It was my good luck because even when I wasn't doing anything I used to be in the news…

And that is for all the wrong reasons?
If you are controversial there is never the right reason, there is always wrong reasons coz only a few people have that capability to go into that category. I never hated myself being controversial. At one point I realized all good news, and bad news, good publicity or bad publicity is good for you.

But why you?
Probably I have too much of sugar and spice together… See I am a very talkative person, I talk a lot, I am nice to every one and usually people misunderstand that… But it doesn't mean that there is anything wrong in me. This is how I am. I can't throw high voltage of tantrums on people just because I am a star… I am very down to earth.

After working for like 5-6 years do you think you have carved your niche?
As an actor if you think that you have achieved something it means it is end of the story… the death of an artist. A good artist is never satisfied, he/she is always craving for perfection. I still think I need better roles to perform and I am still hungry for better performances.

The controversy about your marriage with Yousuf Takij created ripples. What is the real story?
If you are in the limelight everything you do makes news. These kind of things are happening everywhere but just coz they don't come in the print so people don't get to know about them. There were plans of getting into matrimony but it didn't work out… So I called it off a week before the D'day.

So you were not married to him?
No! I wanted to but it wasn't feasible for me, my family, which is very important so I broke it off. Marriage in our society is not between two people but two families and I am a family oriented person. The entire scenario was more like a filmi scene.

So you are still single?
Yes, I am still single and available.

How would you define love?
Love is all about understanding and loving the person unconditionally. You never plan to fall in love, it just happens…

Have you ever been in love?
I have fallen in love more than once. See, you never fall in love once… you fall in love again and again… At 16th its puppy love, at twenty five its intense love, at thirty it is mature love… So love has nothing to do with age.

What kind of a man do you want?
He has to be a gentleman. Gentleman not in a way that two days you open the door to get the girl and the fourth day when you come to know that the girl has fallen for you, then you stop behaving like a gentleman. You don't have to pretend it should be a habit. Then he has to be educated, caring and most of all he has to have a great sense of humor.

How was your experience doing films?
Funny! I thoroughly enjoyed movies… For one reason that everybody used to say it is a no-go zone; you can't go there. I did a song Billo on GT Road for Nikkah, then I did Abi Nahi to Kabhi Nahi… I think filmi environment is not bad as it has been painted.

Why did you quit Syed Noor's Billi?
No movie had ever got so much of publicity, the way Billi did. It was talked about before going on set… Probably it was the right offer or maybe wasn't the right time. Actually what they told me it was just the opposite. I wanted to do the title role but later I was told that a young girl going to do the title role. So I just walked out of the movie… Main nay Billi Syed Noor per chore de.

What is one thing that you simply can't resist?
Food! I just love food.

Is this the reason you have put on weight?
Well! I have put on weight but that's all on the right places.

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