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Hira Tareen

She is not new, but she is not even very familiar, however, being a constant face in the programme 'Maal Ka Sawwal' being aired by one of the local channels, she has become a popular personality lately.

The confident Hira Tareen came from Dallas knowing well what she wanted to do and that was to make it big as a model. And she told her parents as much who were as supportive as parents can be.

This confidence and independence stems from the fact that Hira has spent her life in Dallas since the age of eight. Having been brought up in the western culture, she learnt to be independent.

Then in 1993, she happened to visit Karachi with her mom and sister, Zara Tareen who got into modeling and did a few shoots, fashion shows and also featured in the 'Lux Style Ki Duniya'. Hira was greatly inspired by her sister. Soon, it was time to go back to Dallas.

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Then in 2001, once again Hira along with Zara ventured to Pakistan, but this time she had decided to give modeling a shot. This was however not her first time in the beauty business as in Dallas, the sisters had been running their modeling agency for the South Asian models.

"But the market for South Asians is very small there. It was pretty frustrating at times. But we certainly did like the experience. That's when the two of us decided that we wanted to check out the fashion scene in Pakistan.

We simply wanted to explore. Our parents were pretty okay with the idea, but what did shock them was that we would want to leave Dallas and go back to Pakistan." Initially, they had decided to come here only for two months.

However, once in Pakistan, they got down with work, reviving old contacts as well as making new ones. It was because of Zara that Hira had wanted to get into modeling. "We called up Arshad Tareen and he offered to do a shoot with us. Next came a fashion show my way that was being choreographed by Imran Kureishi."

She liked what she saw and got a hang of it so they decided to stay on a little longer and stretched their stay to six months. In February 2002, the sisters went back to Dallas and after two months decided to come back. This time, it was not to explore rather to create a place for themselves.

Ever since, Hira has been busy with various assignments coming her way. She has recently been co-hosting a programme 'Maal Ka Sawal' with Fakhr-e-Alam on a local channel.

Besides, she has done some shoots for magazines, fashion shows with Imran Kureishi, Frieha Altaf, Mitra, and has also participated in 'Lux Style Awards'.

Hira loves to be on the ramp where you get so much instant appreciation. "It's so thrilling when you perform in front of people," but the only thing that does make her nervous is,

when she has to speak fluently in Urdu on the sets of 'Maal Ka Sawal'," she says candidly. She prefers it when she's handed a script, but when it comes to extempore she's completely lost.

Hira is now looking forward to acting in serials and telefilms. She has already done a couple of projects and has enjoyed them. It was in Dallas that she had first met Umar Dossani who later contacted her for 'Pehla Pyaar'. "It was the experience I had working with Umar Dossani,

besides being inspired by my sister that got me hooked onto the idea of doing it again. Hira was naÔve enough to think about how everybody works here. In a similar organised manner as the 'Pehla Pyar' team had. "But here things are done differently, and I am gradually learning."

The foremost that she has learnt is to mind her own business. "I do not mingle with the models once we're through with a show. I don't hang around backstage

gossiping about any and everything I can think of." She does not like the modus operandi of the organisers and the fashion coordinators. "You have to go according to their whims and wishes.

You are expected to call up the relevant people, go to parties with them and stuff like that. You fail to do that and they think you have a major attitude problem," says Hira of her personal experience.

"I have never stuck up to people, so they have actually gone far saying that I am too professional." She later discovered that to be one of them you have to be sweet to all. But that is not what she believes in. "If somebody wants me for a certain assignment they will call me. Why should it be the other way around?"

She claims to have steeped into this fickle world of fashion for some cash and fun. Seems she's getting both though in abundance, that we cannot say! In Dallas, it was not just a modeling agency that kept her busy. She is also a Disc Jockey in Dallas, and get this - the only Pakistani DJ back home!

Despite being so immersed in all the showbiz activities, Hira has plans for future, plans where showbiz does not feature at all. It is education that she is now bent on completing.

It is advertising that she wants to get into so she will get herself enrolled in an advertising modeling. However, she will linger in the background for if after two years she decides to return to Pakistan, she will and take up from where she had left off.

"But whatever I do I would like to be able to commute back and forth from Dallas to Pakistan and vice versa for they are both home for me."

It is all due to the support of her parents that Hira has come this far and with such supportive parents there is no reason why she will not achieve her goals in life.

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