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Ayesha Sana

The world of glamour always fascinated her. Seems like she is a natural born performer. Her school and college life was full of extra-curricular activities. And later on she realized that she was destined to enter this land, the wonderland of showbiz. We are talking about Aysha Sana, the “Hit Sangeet” girl.

Her first play was a PTV’s serial based on the story of terrorism, produced by Qaisar Ali Shah which has disputed and never televised. Aysha never considered acting for television plays as her forte. It was modeling and compering that has caught her imagination. After doing lots of TV commercials it was “Hit Sangeet” which brought her in the limelight and she was offered lead roles in dramas .So this girl from the mod squad made her first move in show biz .She is one of the rare girls who came from educated families in showbiz world.

Aysha says that her entry in to showbiz world was not planned. Though she admits to having acting chaps since childhood. Aysha was lucky that she didn’t have faced any opposition from her family. So, the first thing she did was that she went for fashion shows and modeling. Though it was her appearance on television that quite irked her parents, but once Aysha made it clear to them that she was being very selective and wouldn’t compromise on principles they cooled down.

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“Now they have adjusted very well you know”, says Aysha giving that characteristic simple smile of hers. “But yes, deep down I know that this is not the kind of career decision they would have liked me to take.

According to Aysha there’s nothing bad about the world of show biz and requests the girls from educated families not to have any misconceptions about it. If they want to join it, they shouldn’t think twice.

My experience with PTV is really very nice. People believe what they hear or from preconceived notions and ideas. But I was pleasantly surprised to find pretty good environment even as I worked on private productions. I think going to PTV center open doors of opportunities for you. When I did my first play ‘Grift’ I offered from PTV’s best of producers , such as Rashid Dar and Ayub Khawar , she adds .

Aysha was flooded with offers from different directions. She opted for a few television dramas and this music programme ‘Hit sangeet’ which she did comparing for. “ I like all of these fields comparing modeling and acting but I must say it was ‘Hit sangeet’ that gave me true popularity.

I had a great team behind me but the thing is what ever I am doing, I try to put in my best. Each segment requites you to act in one-way or the other.

Aysha has participated in stage plays during her college life, but so far she has not thought about working on stage.

I don’t know where do I stand in acting, but it’s a fact that if the director or our senior artists hadn’t helped me, I wouldn’t be here where I am today.

In TV dramas, dialogue delivery or expressions are important but there are many other things such as how to face the camera, lights etc. These are all technicalities so a good director is must she explains.

While talking about private productions and the standards of our TV dramas, she says that change must come about with the change in trends in general. In other words if we see glamour show off and artistic styles in our dramas, these are the necessities of the time. While some people think we are creating frustration by showing beautiful expensive cares and bungalows, etc it is not what we aim to do.

Aysha does not condemn few bad privately produced dramas which went on air because in her opinion new talent is being explored in the field of direction and acting, there is possibility that you get few bad people along with the good ones.

Even if the plays have been glamorized it makes no difference but here must be a check on standards. A good script is what is usually lacking. PTV has good facilities like air-conditioned studio and three-camera production system. Where as in private productions such facilities are lacking.

We have excess to people abroad and people abroad have excess to us. Now people can see our activities. Our media have gone international. We have come closest to each other due to IT and media communication development.

I’ve very good feedback from different countries due to my “Prime post” programmed which is being run on ‘Prime channel’ in European and other countries. I’m really happy that showbiz or media of our world has not confined to Pakistan, it is our spread all over the world. Now this website will also help to promote our dramas and T.V programs through out the world .I hope it will be continuing with success and more expansion. It is global affair. We have excess to each other. It is just like; we are very close to each other. She explained.

Aysha Sana had participated in different dramas and stage shows in Dubai and European countries. She had preformed in a drama serial “Pehli barish” which has been produced in Germany. It will go on air in near future. It was written by Asghar Nadeem Syed and produced by Zahid Mian and directed by Saleem Tahir .

Her play “Aaan” was also appreciated which was produced in Dubai directed and produced by Fahim barni in Dubai. My experience as an actress is very nice in abroad. People gave us great honour there we feel happy to see the Pakistani community there. Aysha’s serial ‘Kanch ke par’ was a successful one, which had been liked abroad.

Similarly the other dramas and programme are being televised on PTV world and prime channel have developed a very good viewer ship abroad. Aysha’s popular dramas are ‘target’ ‘Qafas’ ‘Aan’ ‘kanch kay par’ ‘Pardah na uthao’ ‘Grift’ ‘kanch ki duniya’ ‘Family front’ ‘Marasim’ ‘Eid plays’.

Her upcoming plays are “Dil hi dil mein” “Badaltay chehray” “Bazi” “Pehli barish” “Taeesdin” “Mr&Mrs” Aysha is lucky that she got good TV commercials. When asked about the scandals in this world of showbiz, Aysha says with calm and composure. “Bharr mein jain log jo scandals banatay hain”.

Aysha is a very social girl. She has also been working for different NGO’s she is very bold and out spoken with the habit of using mixed language (English and Urdu) in her speech. She is very straightforward girl and never compromise in the matter of money in case of advertisements and dramas. She demands much money and never compromise.

In future she will concentrate on commercials and comparing only because TV dramas are more time consuming and less paying.

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