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Asif Raza Mir

Asif Raza Mir has always been quite and secluded by nature. The vital ingredients to run a successful ad agency which has been nothing short of a dream come true for this ad executive, but it’s not just for his prowess in the commercial field that Asif is recognized for but firstly as a dedicated and superlative screen artiste.

Rumored as a one time showbiz playboy, in his salad days, he would pose for pictures in no more than jeans and sneakers. However now he prefers keeping a low profile after his marriage.

Over to the professional side of his career, Asif was last spotted in a lead role making waves opposite Shahnaz Sheikh in Tanhaiyan. But having performed in a number of plays later on, her failed to make any impact.

Born and bred in Lahore, Asif is quite sentimental about the city he ahils from. Nevertheless it is a fact that all his major breaks in showbiz happened in Karachi.

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About showbiz, he believes that a lot of people have a varying degree of misconceptions about the artistes. A strong believer in women’s rights and lib, he dosen’t merely restricts it to lip service alone.

Having a passion for good cars and all things good and beautiful, he is a man of exquisite taste and of strong likes and dislikes. He shares a very good rapport with men as well as women alike.

Also being a journalists’ delight, he doesn’t think one should develop airs just because he is a popular star or a wonderful artiste. He is also the man who knows how to enjoy life, and view everything in a brighter perspective. A rare breed, indeed.

Asif Raza Mir is a hero in the literal meaning of the word. His personality, face, eyes, movement and way of talking, all are those of a hero. Those who know him closely say that he is a hero at heart also. He has played that role years before he appeared on television.

I had only seen him in a few plays. When I met him I found out that besides being a good actor, he is a nice person as well. He has an interesting personality and is full of kindness for others. He cares for people and does not interfere in others’ affairs. He appears to be a carefree person but in fact he is a very sensitive person.

Asif is good company. He appeared in an Eid play Chhoti Chhoti Batain, and the serial Tanhaiyan. He does this job well and does not take it as a burden; neither does he create trouble for others. Whenever he finds time during his recordings, he creates an audience for himself. Other artiste also feels happy in his presence.

Asif is a fine actor but does not want to make the performing arts his profession. He remains busy in his business and therefore gets fewer opportunities to appear on television. But whatever chances he got, he did a good job every time.

The trouble with Asif is that he cannot be serious on any issue (although he tries to prove that he is quite serious which, I feel, is not quite true) – neither is his business nor acting.

He tries everything just for the sake of doing it. Still, he succeeds in whatever he does. He becomes very devoted to everything, but for a very short period. With the same speed that he goes into something, he leaves it.

Yet he is very firm on his commitments. If he says he will do a job then he does it at any cost. When he gets a role in a good serial, he enjoys his work. And if it is a bad serial, he just compromises with it and drags on.

Asif has not been able to decide so far what he is going to do with his life – whatever he would become a professional artiste or a businessman or be just a family man. He should appear on screen because there are few good artistes and he is very good artiste.

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