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Director by: Sawan Kumar Tak
Producer by: Sawan Kumar Tak
Starring: Salman Khan, Kapil Jhaveri, Saloni Aswani
Music Dir: Aadesh Shrivastava, Sajid, Wajid
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It's innovative style of growing up in upbeat style of filmmaking with new subject and treatment. But how many times the films with "zara hatke" look have delivered the needful. They have succeeded sometimes and failed many times and this film comes out as another big loser of this year. This is the first presentation for the thinking audience from the filmmaker who has traded success with the conventional style of story telling and direction.

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No matter how different Saawan Kumar has tried to present this thriller-cum-love saga but the final result is a big disappointment. The unimpressive and raw debutantes, aging and fading style of filmmaking, preposterously planted script and above all below average direction speaks for the sorry state of this low profile love saga.

'Saawan - The Love Season' is in no way an autobiographical attempt by producer-director Saawan Kumar Tak. This is an attempt to attract overseas viewers and thinking audiences with the concept of prophecies and premonitions. It might sound crazy but the filmmaker tries hard to generate interest in viewers with quizzical promos and unexplained one-liners.

This might be termed as the most hi-profile and ambitious concept the director has ever attempted as he has released 200 trailers of the film in overseas market. The colossal success of critically acclaimed 'Black' has over-glamorized the concept of the word "sign" as the film was shouldered on the usage of sign language. Sawaan Kumar makes you believe that he belongs to the elite class of filmmakers as the promos of the film come with multidimensional one-liners.

He explains his sign language in irrational ways and it comes as the first sign you cannot explain, the second sign you cannot ignore and the third sign you cannot believe. But can the director explain what this means and what this implies and explain its relevance to the audience. The lackluster performances, semi-baked story and poorly conceived events neither justify these one- liners nor work wonders for the film in any way.

For making it commercially viable the filmmaker has infused his long compatriot actor Salman Khan in extra-elongated guest appearance. Unlike the conventional boy next-door looks, Bollywood bad boy Salman Khan has long hair and unshaven looks in the film. The dry and dreaded looks and attire of Salman in 'Tere Naam' has been plagiarized to create craze among pop genre for this film.

The most controversial star of our time delivers the needful but the poor script nullifies all his positive work. It may be learnt that Saawan Kumar's last attempts like 'Dil Pardesi Ho Gaaya' and 'Mother 98' proved damp squib at the box office and this will be a disaster too. He teams once again with his all-time favorite actor Salman Khan to conceive this unpredictable love saga.

It was during 'Sanam Bewafa' (1991) that the communion between them made knowledgeable attempt at the box-office. Besides him the director tries to be honest in re-introducing his protégés (Kapil Jhaveri and Saloni) after the colossal disaster of 'Dil Pardesi Ho Gaya'. After RGV, Saawan Kumar comes as another director who wants to resurrect his protégé's sagging career.

In an interview he has confessed his guilt of not using the talents of Kapil Jhaveri and Saloni Aswani to full potential. Like 'Shiva' (RGV's under-production film), Saawan Kumar re-launches his forgotten discoveries in this untimely misadventure. Despite all his efforts none of the debutantes shows any promise or attractive screen presence.

The director tries to narrate his storyline as a conflict between "destiny" and "co-incidence" in his own style. Blame it on illogical thinking of the director that he confuses these words and makes mess of a story. The conflict of "destiny" and "co-incidence" is glorified with illogical love chemistry, weirdly scripted series of events and to sum it all it comes with an amateurish acting expertise of the re-launched newcomers.

Even the tragic moments where the heroine loses his father is complemented with happy-go-lucky trip to Dubai with his boyfriend. The protagonist Salman Khan is projected as tormented and lonely lover but no reasons for his painful love story and lost love (Kiran Rathod in special appearance). The authenticity and morality of characters and the story is questioned many times in this poorly conceived supernatural thriller.

'Saawan-The Love Season' is the love story of happy-go-lucky Kajal (Saloni), who is enjoying her life to the extreme with her friends in the urban town of Capetown. The film starts off with Kajal dancing and singing with her friends (with mismatched dancing steps) on the exotic locations of Capetown, South Africa.

There, she meets rich and handsome boy Raj (Kapil Jhaveri) in party hangout carnival. Raj proposes but Kajal refuses initially though accepts his love finally after checking his fidelity. Now no explanation how this chemistry germinates and culminates in love. Even the director won't be able to explain but anyway there are relaxing and light moments with comedian -- Johny Lever and Bobby Darling.

Finally, the lovers get the approval from their parents (Prem Chopra and Ranjeet) and the engagement is fixed. One fateful day Kajal is rescued from road accident by an unknown stranger (Salman Khan). Kajal feels obliged and offers her gratitude but he predicts her father's death on her engagement day.

The fateful day comes and Kajal's father dies of heart attack. Kajal's faith in this God's messenger grows vigorously and she meets him again. This time he predicts the deadly road accident on Mumbai-Pune Highway and it comes true too. Horrified from calamities and disasters she meets him to know her future. She is shocked to hear that she is very close to her death.

Raj tries to console Kajal but her faith makes her believe in the supernatural powers. Kajal is shot accidentally as predicted on the fateful Friday in a police encounter. The final prediction of Kajal's death is about to come true. Raj is petrified and shaken with this event and goes to the stranger's place. Now what happens in the climax is unbearable and unbelievable.

The tragic moments in the film are there to create emotions but this generates loads of laughter. Salman Khan gets the final verdict from the God that his soul will be transferred in Kajal's body after his death. He fights with Raj and succumbs to his brutal beating. Kajal is alive once again but the prospects of film die before it could germinate.

There are no big reasons for viewing such illogical films that lead to no solution and zero entertainment in the end. Saawan Kumar maintains his losing streak and once again proves a loser. His tall claims about his discoveries are as bad and false as his film. In fact, both Kapil and Saloni need acting classes and grooming sessions after viewing their unimpressive performances.

Salman Khan is the only exceptional positive trait of the film but his brief and short-lived appearance is not sufficient for film to survive. Aadesh Srivastav's music has some impressive tracks like "Tu Bhula De" and the title track but the rest of the tracks retard the pace of the film. Prem Chopra and Ranjeet justify their characters in short appearances.

Johny Lever and Bobby Darling share some comical titillating moments and impress too. In nutshell 'Saawan - A Love Season' fails to blossom in this season and will fall without reasons. It's an absurd tale of illogical reasons and happenings that even the director can't explain. A loser all the way!


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