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Good Boy Bad Boy

Director by: Ashwini Chaudhary
Producer by: Raju Farooqui
Starring: Emraan Hashmi, Isha Sherwani, Tanushree Datta
Music Dir: Himesh Reshammiya
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It's all about "P" for "Pakau" (boring), "A" for "Azaadi" and "E" for "Education". The film broadly discusses all three factors that appear in every frame, phase and half of the film. The film creates an aura of boredom (Pakau); it fails to explain "Azaadi" (freedom) and falters miserably in listing the importance of "E" for education. It brings back days of early 90's ('Dil', 'Khiladi' etc.) with a stereo type campus location, predictable situations, "beaten-to-death" characterizations and a below average script.

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After viewing the film 'Good Boy Bad Boy', one wonders the intellect and choice of director who started off with sensible films like 'Dhoop' and 'Siskiyan'. Director Ashwini Chaudhry showed a niche for himself after showing his sensitiveness for Kargil war martyrs in his directorial debut 'Dhoop'. Further he showed his theatrical attributes in film like 'Siskiyan', a loose inspiration from Hollywood's 'Death and Maiden'. After two sensible offering, his third presentation proves to be brainless and moronic directorial venture that will challenge his intellect as thought provoking filmmaker.

'Good Boy Bad Boy' will also add one failure for esteemed "Mukta Arts" and Showman Subhash Ghai after forgettable 'Khanna & Iyer' this year. It seems that renowned Showman has miscalculated or misinterpreted the choice of pop genre as he continues to work with "beaten-to-death" concepts with lackluster filming. The faulty screenplay has some many cracks and dents that it becomes difficult to believe in the theme of the film (if there is any). After viewing finely conceived realism in 'Life in a...Metro', this film comes out as a big shock and disappointment for multiplex viewers.

The film works on extra thin plotline that reminds of films like 'Ram Aur Shyam' where mistaken identities forms the source of entertainment for viewers. The subject was well materialized in 60's and 70's but now it sounds moronic and disproportionate. 'Good Boy Bad Boy' was projected as "comedy" film but there are hardly anything hilarious or comical to talk about.

The film is about Raju Malhotra (Emraan Hashmi) and Rajan Malhotra (Tusshar Kapoor) who studies in same college. Raju is an extrovert and street smart college guy who falls for the charm of college beauty Rashmi (Isha Sharvani). Rajan is introvert and spends his time with books and computers. Raju's parents (Anang Desai and Prabha Sinha) curse him for his irresponsible behavior while Rajan's parents (Rakesh Bedi and Navni Parihar) wants their son to be materialist and practical in life. College principal Awasthi (Paresh Rawal), a strict disciplinarian, decides to differentiate students on their merits.

Due to exchange of names on identity cards, Raju and Rajan gets into different sections of the college. Raju and Rajan are poles apart but finally ends up as pals and fights out their rivals. Now this may sound childish but it's true that director has underestimated multiplex viewer intellect in propelling such insipid and spineless concept.

The film has major dents in its scripting and this is where it loses its rhythm and momentum. Tusshar is confronting college goons in the canteen but succumbs to Emraan Hashmi's terror in principal room. How come Emraan Hashmi changes colleges after two months as admissions are done on yearly basis? How come a college of arts and science is divided into three sections only? An average science subject has many branches and each branch has many sections. The same can be said for Arts stream but all study under one roof.

Sounds Innovative! In the climax, both Raju (Emraan Hashmi) and Rajan (Tusshar Kapoor) are called by different names. Even their parents agree with their different names and hardly show their concern on their misrepresented identities. Finally, the last scenes where Emraan Hashmi answers school level questions (full name of APJ Abdul Kalam, Newton Laws etc) are highly monotonous. Tusshar winning dance competition with poor cinematographic skills and below average performance shows poor treatment of the subject.

The poor cinematography (Manoj Soni) is also equally disappointing. The title track showing Isha Sharvani in different moods shows poor conceptualization of the subject. The same can be said for other songs like "Aashiquani Hai Aalam" (too loud) and "Meri Awargi" (too average), where the camerawork loses its grip on the feel of the songs.

'Good Boy Bad Boy' proves to be inspirational lift from Karan Johar's 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' in terms of treatment and characterizations. The film builds love chemistry between principal daughter (Isha Sharvani) and college hunk (Emraan Hashmi). It further hires the tomboyish character of Kajol into the character of Tanushree Dutta with poor results.

College principal (Paresh Rawal) showing interest in her daughter's choice and finally the love stories culminating into talent show is another major take off from 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'.

God saves India from such moronic entertainers as it will not only decimate the "intellectual" strength of the youth but also shows poor perception of modern filmmaker.'Good Boy Bad Boy' proves to be big disappointment and will be losing prepositions for its investors and producers. The film will fare its best in the first three days of release but thereafter the collections are bound to fall.


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