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Buddha Mar Gaya

Director by: Rahul Rawail
Producer by: Rahul Rawail, Sunil Lulla
Starring: Anupam Kher, Om Puri, Paresh Rawal
Music Dir: Bappi Lahiri
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Black comedies, an unexplored genre in Bollywood, has never been a good entertainer in the marquee. It was last experienced in low budgeted 'Ek Challis Ki Last Local'. Now, it makes a low profile entry through 'Buddha Mar Gaya'. The film is all about escapades relating to a dead body and has been conceived in a format of a slapstick comedy.

The finest "dark" comedy of all time has been Kundan Shah's directed 'Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron', an 80's memorable one, where a corpse (Satish Shah) holds the centre of attraction of all mischievous and hilarious endeavors enacted by the characters of the film.

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Lately there was loosely conceived comedy 'Nehle Pe Dehla' where Shakti Kapoor played a dead body but the poor conception of a dead body forming crux of the hilarious comical story failed to create any ripple at the box office. This time Rahul Rawail directed 'Buddha Mar Gaya' proves to be the crudest of comical endeavors in this genre. It works on the theory that money corrupts and colossal amount of wealth and power even kills all the emotional bonding and makes every body "cannibals". Rahul Rawail, a veteran filmmaker who has hits like 'Arjun', 'Betaab' and 'Samundar' to his credit, falls into a honey trap of sex comedies and tarnishes his image of a worthy filmmaker with this childish entertainer.

'Buddha Mar Gaya' is a satirical black comedy where the hilarious proceddings trigger off with the concept of a casting couch followed by the advent of gay relationship and extra-marital affairs, and finally culminates in the format of a black comedy. In no big way it can be compared to the all-time hit comedy 'Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron' but can be a crude and desperate attempt by veteran filmmaker to re-establish himself in the marquee.

After the colossal debacle of controversial 'Jo Bole So Nihaal', the filmmaker has not only shifted his attention from his favorite actor (Sunny Deol) but has fallen into dungeons of mindless crap of sex comedies. Comedies are the flavor of the season but it needs a lot of potential, timing and innovation to make audiences laugh. 'Buddha Mar Gaya' gives jitters and hiccups through his hilarious comical gaga for some moments but the majority of them are adult bawdy jokes told in utmost crude ways.

Now view this -- a son of multibillionaire (Mukesh Tiwari) and a journalist (Gaurav Gera) urinate in front of a funeral pyre while holding each other's private parts. A sexually obsessed filmmaker (Prem Chopra) gets himself beaten on his butt by a struggling actress (Rakhi Sawant) to evoke sexual feelings. Money makes world go round but the concept of "corpse-selling" will not be a "digestible" factor among Indian audiences.

The thumb of a rich business tycoon (Anupam Kher) is chopped off by his grand daughter and is placed on dining table as a masterpiece. The private part of this business tycoon is received in dismantled form in a suitcase and a lady police officer identifies it. It's pity that the director has to stoop so low to evoke laughter.

Finally, there is struggling actress (Rakhi Sawant) turning "sanyasin" in the end and in this hot pursuit she encounters many saints with her encounter specialist sexual acts. What sort of a comedy is this? It's true that "black comedy" hasn't found fancy of either the film industry or the masses but this is complete crass that will not find any major acceptance.

'Buddha Mar Gaya' starts with a flashback where a dead man Laxmikant Kabadiya alias LK (Anupam Kher) co-relates all the events that take place after his untimely death. Laxmikant Kabadiya aka LK, is one of India's popular rags to riches industrialists, a self-made entrepreneur rising from selling scrap to becoming a construction magnate. His business empire is on the verge of an Rs 50,000 million IPO that should make them one of the largest companies in the country. LK's family is crowded with overambitious members who eye his wealth more than his affection and for this they back bite each other.

It comprises his dominating spinster twin sister Prerna (Mahabanno Mody Kotwal), his two sons Ranjeet (Bobby Parvez) and Sameer (Mukesh Tiwari), their wives Shruti (Mannat Kaur) and Anju (Mona Ambegaonkar) respectively. Even young and vivacious Ranjeet's daughters Sanjana (Henna Biswas) and Namrata (Madhavi Singh), and Sameer's dumb son, Pawan (Jay Soni) have enormous greed for the immaculate wealth.

Unfortunately, the destiny plays a wicked sense of humor with all of them as LK expires on the day of his company's IPO launch. On the night before the IPO opens, LK dies while having sex with a struggling actress Kim (Rakhi Sawant) who's aspiring to become the super-heroine of a Hindi film that LK plans to produce. The family is distressed and shocked and fears that the market value of their shares will tumble down after his death.

They hide the death of LK from the world as they now fear about the downfall of his multi-billionaire business empire. Family spiritual guru Vidyut Baba (Om Puri) advices family to hide the death of LK for a period of two days till the shares are sold out. Ramu Kaka (Paresh Rawal), a shrewd and obedient domestic servant of LK, smells fishy and thereby he blackmails the entire family. These two days trigger off crazy series of events that show the evil sides of modern world where money rules over all the relationships.

The destiny plays another cruel joke on LK's family as every time they're ready to announce LK's death, fate intervenes forcing them to keep his death secret for another couple of days. It results in forcing them to announce the death of a fictitious friend or relative of LK along with big-hyped fake funerals. It even prompts them to generate dead bodies from corpse-seller (Ranvir Shorey) where dead LK makes appearances at these funerals.

The matters turn worse when Prime Minister's strong man Rohan Alexander (Murli Sharma) arrives for election fund and is perturbed by the news of LK's death. The film climaxes on the conceptual facts of internal jealousies, greed, rivalries within the family and inhibited gay relationship that tries to make this funny comical caper.

Veteran filmmaker Rahul Rawail has never been master of comedies as all of his successful flicks have been action films. It's new genre that he explores and his lack of vision and insipid scripting tells the sorry tale of this not-so-happening comical film. It comes out as one of the crudest and silliest comical fanfare of this year despite talents of Om Puri, Paresh Rawal and Anupam Kher in it.

Anupam Kher works effectively as "corpse" in the film and is reduced to a mere dummy than a potential actor. Paresh Rawal is completely wasted in an underwritten role as the actor holds the distinction of being the finest in present crop of comedians. Om Puri's sanyasi and later gay acts have some meat but poor comical timing and crude jokes fail to give him any merit. Rakhi Sawant, the proclaimed No. 1 item girl and sex bombshell, delivers a raunchy performance in her first screen presence.

Her sleazy acts of seducing entrepreneurs, doctors and filmmakers show her physical sensuality but lack in any kind of acting. Mukesh Tiwari and Bobby Parvez are strictly ordinary and work according to the script's demands. New entrant Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal shows impressive comical flair in her acts and shines the brightest.

Ranvir Shorey, the new entrant in Bollywood and fine comical talent , disappoints completely with a poorly scripted role after showing promise in 'Pyar Ke Side Effects'. Mona Ambegaonkar's acting is good especially the scene where she blames her husband for his infidelity evoking laughter. The rest of the star cast works like fillers . Bappi Lahiri's music is loud and bawdy but still works as per the sentiments of the film.


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