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Director by: Mohit Suri
Producer by: Mukesh Bhatt
Starring: Emraan Hashmi, Shreya Saran, Mrinalini Sharma
Music Dir: Pritam Chakraborty
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Fortune always comes in disguise. If you recognize it, it will change your life forever and if you don't it will keep eluding you the rest of your life. It was during the making of 'Do Raste' that a young boy waited outside the vanity van of famous heroine Mumtaz. He was an assistant of director Raj Khosla and was deputed to bring Mumtaz to the sets once the shot was ready.

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The boy later went on to become one of the most sought after director of Hindi Cinema and nowadays gives break to many new talents. His name is Mahesh Bhatt. He introduces Shriya and Mrinalini to Hindi cinema in 'Aawarapan' and also gives a new lease of life to Emraan Hashmi who for sure would be taken seriously after this film.

His kisser boy image has done lots of damage to him, but for the first time he does something that he can be proud of - intense acting. You can also see Shaad (nephew of Mumtaz) who got his first chance of acting in 'Woh Lamhe' courtesy Mumtaz who just mentioned his name to Mahesh Bhatt and then he came to Vishesh Films for the shooting of his first film.

'Aawarapan' was initially supposed to be an autobiographical film from Mahesh Bhatt's bastion, but seeing the film it does not seem to be so. This is a typical masala film from Hindi cinema but it is the treatment of the story that leaves you spellbound. The story of 'Aawarapan' may not offer you something very extraordinary but Mohit Suri does make it a treat to watch.

The canvas that he has chosen to depict a story of mistrust, betrayal and search for love, leaves you on a very different level. Mohit Suri is indeed making his presence felt very fast. He has established himself as a director to watch out for.

'Aawarapan' is a story of human emotions that have always been an integral part of all Indian stories. And a story where an employee of a powerful boss develops sympathy for his muse has always been very vulnerable. What Shah Rukh Khan couldn't do in Rakesh Roshan's 'Koyla' has been meted out with success in Mohit Suri's 'Aawarapan'. Emraan Hashmi plays Shivam, who is a lonely person.

He is lonely in his life and also in his thoughts. He has pain in his heart but will in his guts. He is working for his boss Malik (Ashutosh Rana) and his boss is everything for him. Malik has a muse Reema (Mrinalini Sharma) but he is not sure if she really loves him. So, he asks Shivam to keep an eye on her and if she betrays him, then Shivam has to give her a final call.

The smooth drama erupts into a volcano as soon as Malik leaves. Shivam witnesses some hard hitting facts on his back. He cannot believe that Reema had the guts to take a life threatening decision. She had been hiding her boyfriend for so many days from the vulture like eyes of Malik. And, now she wants to elope with her boyfriend. Shivam is in a fix.

He has seen love leaving him in the past and now he has to face the biggest challenge of his life. Either he betrays his boss and help the young lovers or he can challenge the destiny and be loyal to his duty. Life is such an 'Aawarapan'.

The movie belongs to Mohit Suri from the very first frame. He is clear what he has got to tell to his viewers in 12 reels. He casts just accurate actors in perfect roles. The story is very humane and Mohit treats it very cautiously. The darkness of the film engulfs your mind slowly. It seeps in the veins with all its seriousness.

It turns volatile but with ease. In minutes, the film becomes part of the viewer's psyche. And, it is because Mohit Suri gets his artist enact all the scenes very aesthetically. 'Aawarapa' doesn't offer a blooming bouquet of flowers, but it comes as a beautiful cactus that everyone will love to keep in his or her drawing room. It's dark, intense and has lots of undercurrent. The film is a litmus test for any maker and it is just because of his conviction that Mohit Suri passes it with aplomb.

Among actors, Emraan Hashmi scores the maximum . His every move and every cut is very well designed. Right from his first act of violence till his volatile end, he oozes energy on screen. He delivers his dialogues with aptness and always seems to be at ease with this character.

Mohit Suri has given him a life time opportunity in 'Aawarapan' and it will always remain a milestone in Emraan's career . He just needs to bank on this role and move to a direction that will establish him as a good actor.

Shriya in a brief role brings in freshness and charm. She is like a fresh breeze of Mumbai Monsoon and if anything is left by the female lead, Mrinalini grabs the space with her guts and matches with the demand of the story. It's good to see an actor like Ashutosh Rana still around but the sad part is that he is not getting good roles. Isn't it a case of talent going waste! Purab Kohli, Shaad and Rehan too give full hearted performances.

Music wise, 'Aawarapan' scores at every beat. Pritam is fast becoming a permanent fixture for Vishesh Films' ventures. His tunes have melody and peppiness and both at a time. Raaj Chakravarti captures some very good scenes and emotions on camera.

He proves this when every scene of the film becomes part of the story and remains with you when you leave the cinema hall. On the whole, 'Aawarapan' is a good film from the Bhatt camp and will keep the jolly mood alive for the whole year for them.


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